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DiamondWorld Feature Article

From the July/August 2016 publication, article titled "Crisis in Co-operation."

It is a strange situation. When the uncertainty of the economic crisis compelled players to prefer vertical or backward integration within the industry, powerful diamond producers, traditionally, controlling the production and sale of roughs, become manufacturers and retailers, competing against other segments of the diamond pipeline that supports them...

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Experiential luxury may be combined with tangible, more comprehensive offerings from both retail and hospitality, be it an enhanced instore experience with food, drink and music or even hotels offering targeted services as personal consultants and private viewing or buying opportunities. The lines between experience and acquisition will continue to blur, so that money spent on luxury will ultimately lead to a satisfying experience and a tangible purchase.
— Caylee M. Kozak, as quoted in "Springing on the Sparkle" Diamond Industry Action Plan 2017 By: Diamond World News Service | Dec 27 2016 http://www.diamondworld.net/contentview.aspx?page=0&item=13739